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Marketing is essential for business growth. Learn how I do digital marketing for advisors as a VCMO.

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Posted by Brandon Everett on Feb 11, 2020 4:51:39 PM
Brandon Everett

Marketing is essential for business growth, but do you have the time and expertise to consistently develop and execute a marketing plan? Learn how I work with advisors to digitally market their practice as a Marketing Solutions Consultant. 


#1 – Digital marketing meetings

I conduct bi-weekly calls with my advisors to discuss their business goals and a marketing strategy, as well as review together the latest digital content for a blog post, email campaign, or our social media calendar. 

#2 – Performance reporting

I create a monthly performance report to provide my advisors with insight into how many leads were generated and their engagement level with email, social media, and their website to have a more informed conversation about marketing strategy and how to optimize our campaigns for continued growth.

#3 – Content strategy

I work closely with my advisors to segment their clients and prospects into groups, so that we can develop content tailored to their interests. This helps differentiate my advisors from their competitors by addressing what is most important to the person engaging with their brand.  

#4 – Compliance submission

One of the biggest benefits to advisors is that I manage the process of submitting marketing content to compliance for approval. This saves my advisors a lot of time and ensures the that all of their marketing materials are approved before they are distributed to the public.  

#5 – Website strategy

My goal is always to increase website traffic and improve search engine optimization (SEO) for my advisors' websites. I'll create eBook content and landing pages to help increase traffic, optimize keyword search, and create landing pages and forms to generate leads. In many cases, this has helped increase website traffic to have my advisors appear as the first business listed on Google locally.

#6 – Social media and email strategy

Our social media strategy helps my advisors to engage with clients, gains new followers, and advertise their events, and seminars using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook posts and ads. We develop email campaigns to deliver targeted messaging to ensure the emails are read. We track the email open rates and click-through rates to measure performance and optimize for best results.

I enjoy making marketing easier for my advisors, and help them to navigate the digital landscape, and achieve their business goals. It's a very rewarding job. 

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