High Performer Blog Series: Part 1

In 2021, LPL New Ventures Labs identified our high-performing advisors according to client acquisition, then uncovered the six habits that set them apart. Exactly how much impact did these habits deliver? Five times as many clients and 10 times the revenue of a typical financial advisor. In this blog series, and our corresponding white paper on top-performing LPL advisors: "How to Drive Significant Growth in Your Practice Each Year", we’ll look at two of those key habits and how they impact the decisions advisors make in their practice.

The habits that increase your likelihood of being a high performer:


Time management habit - Focus 70% of time on clients and prospects and less time on administrative, operations, and investment management activities.

According to the study, financial professionals who focus at least 70% of their time on clients and prospects are 3.5x more likely to be a high-performer compared to others who do not. Why? Time is limited and your expertise is valuable. This habit encourages focus on high-value tasks, like quality one-on-one time with clients and prospects, and eliminating low-value tasks that eat up time and don’t drive business forward. The study shows that losing 40% of your time on these types of low-value tasks can severely impact your growth. In sum, thoughtful delegation is a key step to increasing your impact.


Need help with effective time management?

LPL Business Solutions retains experts to help you determine how to best allocate time and resources. CFO Solutions can look at your team structure and assess whether you or your high-value team members are bogged down with tasks that don’t add to the bottom line. This expert can also help with business processes and technology workflows to streamline operations and add time back into your day.

Imagine what reducing regular admin tasks could do for your business. With  Admin Solutions**, you can delegate some of your most time-consuming tasks to a professional trained to manage client communications, the prep, and scheduling involved in setting up meetings with prospects and clients. They can also optimize your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, train clients on Account View and ClientWorks, as well as troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

Interested in increasing your likelihood of being a high performer?

Focus on the high value tasks that leverage your expertise. To learn more about how Business Solutions can help streamline or take on your low-value tasks, schedule a consultation today.

In blog two of this series, "Stretch Beyond Referrals", we explore how diversifying your business development efforts can help supercharge your client acquisition.

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*For Financial Professional use. Categories based on client acquisition scorecard ranking LPL Financial Advisors on net new revenue FY2019/2020.

**Admin Solutions is not available to RIA-IFA advisors at this time.