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CFO Solutions

Bringing It All Together

For Jim Miller, CEO of Miller Financial Group, his most crucial partnership is with his CFO, Nakeita Norman from LPL’s CFO Solutions. “The Virtual CFO program has probably been the most important relationship that I have made here at LPL,” he says. “Nakeita has brought a certain level of expertise and experience on how to grow our business, how we streamline our processes and maximize our efficiencies. By establishing and clarifying a well-thought-out service matrix, she systematized our business, making it scalable and repeatable, so, at the end of the day, we can become more profitable. She’s been fantastic in helping navigate that path.”



One of the first things Nakeita helped Jim with was creating a service model matrix. “We were focusing on growth,” she says. “At the time, Jim was looking to grow his assets under management to $100 million. And he already had it in his pipeline, but he wasn’t quite sure if his business had the infrastructure to support it. That’s when we went to the whole line of the service model matrix, to be able to see his capacity and at what point did he really need to bring on somebody.”

“Nakeita helped us quickly identify what our needs were,” Jim adds. “What is our goal? How do we get to that goal as quickly as possible? Going through that process, she was able to quickly identify what she thought we needed to get there. I might have felt like I needed another producer, or I needed somebody with 10 years of experience to come in and take stuff off of my plate. Nakeita helped us navigate that process and clearly define what this next hire should look like. That’s going to help us get over that hurdle, so that we can grow from there.”