M&A SOlutions

Frequently asked questions

How is LPL M&A Solutions different than third-party M&A vendors?

LPL M&A Solutions is industry-leading in that we provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for the process using our team of skilled transaction specialists. If you were to manage the M&A process independently, you must engage with multiple vendors that specialize in specific components of M&A (e.g. valuation or contracts). The process can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. With LPL, you have one consistent and knowledgeable guide managing the transaction, freeing you to spend your time where it matters most. Beyond closing the deal, LPL goes the extra mile with integration and transition of the book, increasing efficiency and mitigating execution risk.


How does the timing compare between LPL’s M&A solution and third-party vendors?

When you pursue an acquisition or sale on your own, the process can take 6-9 months or more to complete. With LPL, the process is reduced down to just 60-90 days on average.


What is LPL’s experience in M&A?

Our team collectively has decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, and consistently assists on over 100 deals each year. We understand financial professionals and their businesses, and work with you to help ensure a stress-free, positive experience.


How does LPL match buyers and sellers?

LPL has access to a vast network of active buyers and sellers. Our M&A team leaders are skilled and experienced in matching buy- and sell-side advisors with the most suitable candidates. In addition, the Premium Buyer Program is an attractive option for advisors who want to enhance their position as a qualified, pre-approved buyer so you’re always ready to take immediate action on suitable opportunities.


Can LPL assist with financing the transaction?

Yes, your deal team can assist you with financing through LPL, offering flexible terms, competitive rates, streamlined applications, and quick access to funding.