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The value we gain in working with business owners of financial firms


Kevin Pollard-RS3

“What I hear most from business owners is they like having access to an objective and accountable partner to provide them with financial analysis and insights about their business.

One recent experience I had with an owner was to uncover tens of thousands of dollars in unneeded expenses that we were able to reduce to free up cash flow and reinvest that money back into the practice. That “found” money helped us to increase profitability in our first few months working together.”

Kevin Pollard

CFO Solutions

Nakeita Norman - RS

“I love the fact that I can take my years of experience and pair it with my team who have collectively analyzed hundreds of firms over the years to develop a strategy to fit any business situation.

I have the pleasure to be working with a business owner who wants to retire soon. A business is essentially a person’s legacy, and if you can make that business as profitable as possible and prepared to take on new leadership so that it lives on beyond them, I find that to be one of the most rewarding times in my job.”

Nakeita Norman

CFO Solutions

Brent Simonson - RS

“When an advisor first joins CFO Solutions, I go through an in depth discovery process at their office to get to know them and learn about their practice. I love the discovery process and drilling down to find what is working for their business.

I take a lot of pride in the fact that as a team, we have been able to secure on-average 10% profit increase through new growth initiatives or reduced expenses implementing business owners short-term and long – term business goals.”

Brent Simonson

CFO Solutions