Business Strategy Services

Optimize the growth, scale, and profitability of your business

At pivotal moments in business, your next step has to be the right one.

Whether your objective is fine-tuning your operations, preparing for growth, or planning for the future, your next step is crucial to your success. LPL Business Strategy Services provides a skilled business strategist to deliver personalized, executive insight to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably at all stages.

Your strategist learns your business inside and out, then develops and executes plans that align with your goals to optimize, grow, or transform your practice.

Business Strategy Services is your strategic ally delivering expertise and high-touch service as we chart your path, together. Because the success of your business is built on more than just financials, it’s built on premium insight from a trusted partner that is personalized to your unique goals.


Key Benefits:

  • Individualized financial benchmarking, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Identify and implement cost-savings and revenue-generating opportunities
  • Understand key drivers to maximize your ultimate valuation and map your growth

Why Business Strategy Services?

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Personalized Strategies

Your strategist will help ensure meaningful progress in the pursuit of achieving your business objectives with an action plan based on proven strategies and measurable results.

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Data-Driven Approach

You’ll understand key drivers to maximize your ultimate valuation, supported by metrics and benchmarking for your optimal business structure.

Financial Success

Your business strategist will help you identify and implement cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities, backed by cash flow planning, budgeting, and forecasting.


Your strategist can provide a wide range of business planning services to support your goals at all stages, from creating plans for optimization, growth, and efficiency to reviewing cash flow and implementing financial statements and reviews. Financial professionals who work with Business Strategy Services can experience potential benefits including accelerated growth, increased capacity to spend more time with clients, and improvements in the value of their business.

Businesses of all sizes and tenures have the potential to benefit from Business Strategy Services. Whether you are looking to organize your financial and operational foundations, increase efficiency, accelerate growth, improve valuation, or prepare for the eventual transition of your business, your strategist will learn your unique goals and develop an action plan to help you achieve them.

The business strategists are experts with deep industry knowledge, integrated with LPL systems and teams, who serve as your strategic ally to deliver personalized executive insights. You’ll benefit from the expertise of strategists who are CFAs, CFPs, CPAs, Certified Valuation Analysts, Certified Treasury Professionals, former corporate finance leaders, and former small business owners.

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How Business Strategy Services Can Help

At pivotal moments in business, your next steps has to be the right ones. Business Strategy Services is here to help you optimize the growth, scale, and profitablity of your business. See how.

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How Waymark Developed a Business Strategy

"It's almost like I am the client, and she's the financial advisor. It feels good to be on the opposite side of the table."

– Brendan Sheehan, Waymark Wealth

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