Resilience Plan

Care for your clients, protect your practice, and yourself

The Resilience Plan has reached capacity.

Note to our advisors: We are not currently taking any new subscribers. If you would like to be notified when this status changes, please complete the form.

Your practice is built on delivering extraordinary customer service, but what happens if you can't be there for your clients? A traditional short-term disability policy can help with income replacement, but it can't replace the service that you provide to clients who depend on you.

Whether it’s planned or unplanned – life happens. You can take care of yourself knowing that we’re taking care of your clients and your practice.

The Resilience Plan provides client service coverage on a temporary basis of up to nine months during your short-term leave of absence if you need to:

  • Care for a family member
  • Take maternity or paternity leave in connection with a birth, adoption, or foster placement
  • Have an elective medical procedure
  • Experience an accidental injury and need time to recover
  • Take care of a serious health condition

While you're away, our in-house team of licensed financial representatives will step in to manage your accounts and ensure your clients continue receiving professional guidance and service. We’ll conduct annual reviews, manage portfolios, take care of account maintenance, and keep your practice running smoothly so you can care for yourself. 

We’ll keep your practice running smoothly so you can pick up right where you left off.


Key Benefits:

  • No underwriting or applications needed and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Benefits from 60 days to nine months
  • Peace of mind that your clients are being taken of by credentialed LPL professionals

*Available to corporate-affiliated LPL advisors only.

Why the Resilience Plan?

Admin Solutions

Program Highlights

  • No financial/medical underwriting or applications required
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No elimination period

A cost-effective monthly fee secures coverage, and LPL receives an
override on commissions during the active service period.

Resilience Plan

Key Benefits

  • Maximum benefit period: Nine months
  • Minimum benefit period: 60 days
  • Available to corporate-affiliated LPL advisors only

Have peace of mind knowing that your clients are being taken care of by credientialed LPL professionals.




A short-term medical leave of absence ranges from a minimum of 60 days to a maximum of nine months. The Resilience Plan covers time away to care for a family member, maternity or paternity leave, accidental injury and recovery, illness and treatment, as well as elective medical procedures and recuperation time.

Once you sign the Resilience Plan contract, you’ll complete a questionnaire and have the opportunity to review your book with our in-house team of financial professionals. Upon notice of your leave, LPL sends a letter and ADV to your clients, notifying them of the temporary change in service. Our team services your clients during your leave on a non-solicitation basis. Once you return, LPL is removed from client accounts, ensuring a seamless transition back to you.

LPL’s Investor Focused Solutions is an in-house group of registered financial advisors, backed by an experienced team of service and operations professionals. The advisor team has over 60 years combined experience from firms including Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, and JP Morgan Chase. They are well-versed in LPL’s systems and ready to service your clients by conducting annual reviews, managing portfolios, taking care of account maintenance, and more.