Valuations Help  Evaluate a Firm's Performance

Valuations provide perspective and understanding of what drives the value of your firm and can help eliminate any surprises down the road for knowing what your business is worth. They can also help you identify gaps in your firm’s performance to help implement a strategic business plan to boost long-term value.

The Assurance Plan provides you with a guaranteed purchase price for your practice in the event of your unplanned exit from the industry*. An added benefit of The Assurance Plan is the inclusion of an annual valuation report for every year you are covered under the plan. This can be a significant cost savings versus purchasing a third-party report to stay current on the value of your business.

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Download a sample valuation report

With LPL’s Assurance Plan, you will receive an annual Valuation Report that shows key performance indicators to help measure your firm’s estimated change in value over time. It provides an analysis of:

Comparable deals**

Comparable Deals

Different types of potential buyouts**

Potential Buyouts

Client demographics**

Client account details

*Unplanned exit due to your death or incapacity. **Diagrams and estimates are for example only.

Download a sample valuation report