Marketing Solutions

Amplify your brand and spark strong, lasting connections with current and future clients.

As a financial advisor, marketing isn’t your #1 priority—and it shouldn’t have to be. 

Enter LPL’s Marketing Solutions. We’re marketers by name, but relationship builders at heart. This approach helps us tailor the right messages and strategies to achieve your unique business goals, and empowers you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving financial advice industry.

Knowing that marketing works best when it’s personal, we’re driven by our mission to spark strong and lasting connections between you and your clients. By engaging clients across channels and media—from email campaigns to social media and more—we help build relationships that will resonate long into the future.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to enhance your current marketing efforts, we can help you build on your business’ success.


Key Benefits:

  • Robust digital presence and brand amplification focused on unique aspects of your practice
  • Consistent, engaging, and compliant content across all digital marketing channels
  • Automated lead generation, nurture, and client communications for expedited business growth


How advisors keep their brand buzzing and top of mind for prospects and clients while maximizing marketing dollars with Marketing Solutions.


Why Marketing Solutions?

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Personalized strategies

Your marketing consultant is dedicated to amplifying your unique brand and delivering on a compliance-approved marketing strategy that fosters your connections. 

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Digital-first mindset

Our agile and tech-driven approach allows us to leverage your marketing analytics to inform your next move so you can be—and stay—relevant to your clients.

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Professional execution

Your experienced marketing consultant, and their support team, are dedicated to powering your success with each marketing touchpoint. Seamlessly. Consistently. Every time.




We’ll help you achieve a cohesive and thoughtful digital presence, grow your client email list, execute targeted email and social media campaigns, and help you effectively convert prospects into clients. This level of engagement includes more than the marketing basics required in today’s digital landscape. 

From showcasing your unique value proposition to integrating automated programs like ScheduleOnce to drive business development efficiency—your dedicated marketing consultant is focused on amplifying your brand and increasing engagement. 

  • First, we’ll create a strategic marketing plan that resonates with your target market, aligns with your business goals, and reduces client attrition.

  • Next, we’ll deliver a personalized Marketing Road Map, a central resource where you can review your marketing strategy with a calendared plan of action, examine tactics, and have up-to-date visibility into your scheduled market activity.

  • Finally, we report out on learnings and leverage your marketing analytics to inform your next moves. 

Your marketing consultant will: 

  • Establish or strengthen your Google My Business listing  

  • Implement Google Analytics onto your website to further target marketing efforts

  • Create compliant website content to strengthen search engine optimization (SEO) performance

  • Increase website traffic through search engine ranking 

  • Enhance your website with compliant landing pages and lead-generation forms

  • Deliver tailored compliant blog articles for your website, email newsletters, and social posting

Your marketing consultant will: 

  • Build email lists tailored to your specific target audiences and business goals

  • Create and distribute emails to current or prospective clients (choice of lead nurture, prospective drip campaign, or newsletter)

  • Create, schedule, and publish your pre-approved social postings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach your desired target audiences. This content is always available for your advanced review, editing, and approval on your personalized marketing road map 

Yes, every piece of marketing content we post on your website or on social media channel is fully compliant. If you generate a piece of content, we can also help with routing the appropriate compliance review process on your behalf. In the event of an audit, you will be fully prepared.


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How We Help

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Go Far With Your Marketing

“When I decided to engage Marketing Solutions, I wanted reassurances that the ROI would be there, I’ve routinely gotten those reassurances."


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