Assurance Plan

It's your legacy. We'll help you protect it.

You’ve spent years building your business. You likely have life insurance, a RE-F647, or a trust set up to protect yourself from an unexpected event. But none of these deliver the level of protection you need to ensure appropriate payouts or business transition continuity – leaving your loved ones and clients at serious risk.

The Assurance Plan is a cost-effective solution for coverage that can safeguard the equity of your business in the event of your unplanned exit from the industry.*

Should the unplanned occur, your beneficiaries receive a guaranteed upfront payout, as well as any additional proceeds above the minimum following the potential sale of your book of business.* 

The Assurance Plan offers peace of mind, knowing your legacy is protected in the event that you’re not there to protect it yourself. The Assurance Plan is an easy way to provide a safety net for what is likely your largest asset.


Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed buyer for your practice
  • Guaranteed upfront payout of 1.5x recurring revenue
  • Detailed business valuation report provided by LPL on an annual basis


*Unplanned exit due to death or incapacity


Advisors say the Assurance Plan protects their families, staffs, and businesses in case of their unplanned exit from the industry.

Advisors say the Assurance Plan protects their families


Approximately 70% of financial professionals do not have a current succession plan in place**, leaving them and their families vulnerable. The Assurance Plan can assist you and your family by providing funds during a time when they may be needed most. For pricing details, see how it works. You can count on LPL to help protect the practice you’ve built.

"As advisors start to ‘age out,’ firms look to step up succession planning," 
Andrew Osterland, October 29, 2019


What You Can Expect:


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It's Your Legacy. We Can Help Protect It

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