M&A Solutions

Your strategic partner delivering expertise and execution throughout the M&A experience


Your journey as a business owner is unique. Whether you’re looking to grow through acquisition or recognize the value of your business through the sale of your practice, LPL’s M&A Solutions team can provide turnkey expertise to ensure a successful transaction. 

The complexity and length of the traditional M&A process may seem overwhelming and can even stop you from pursuing a merger or acquisition opportunity. Now there’s a better way. M&A Solutions can provide support tailored to your specific goals. It’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective, taking the burden off you so that you can stay focused on your clients.

M&A Solutions offers support for executing your acquisition strategy, whether you’re a seller or a buyer:

  • The Seller Support program is designed to help facilitate the sale of your practice. We work on your behalf to help position your practice for maximum value and fit.
  • The Premium Buyer Program focuses on enhancing your position as a qualified buyer, by providing premium access to deal flow and M&A experts, in addition to financing and deal support.
  • When ready to execute on your deal, M&A Deal Support delivers comprehensive support throughout your transaction, saving you time, reducing your cost, and facilitating a quicker integration after close.

Key Benefits of M&A Solutions:

  • Complete your deal faster, within just 60-90 days on average
  • Find your ideal partner and maximize the value of your transaction
  • Direct access to our M&A expertise: we work on over 100 deals every year


LPL’s M&A Solutions provides professional support for buyers and sellers, and offers an award-winning service: an end-to-end solution with a team of experts to help guide you through the process. We are revolutionizing M&A by reducing the need to manage multiple third parties and dramatically improving the ease, cost, and speed of the process.


Now There's a Better Way

M&A Solutions offers professional support to make your merger or acquisition easier, faster, and more cost-effective.