High-Net-Worth Services

Win in the affluent market by broadening your expertise

Efficiently enhance your own offerings to win and retain affluent clients with High-Net-Worth Services from LPL Business Solutions. 

Affluent clients have complex needs and high expectations for exclusive experiences and trusted advice to help them grow, leverage, protect, and transfer their wealth. Whether you’re considering expanding your business to serve high-net-worth clients or looking for ways to elevate your successes with existing clients, we can help. 

With deep experience working with affluent clients, our High-Net-Worth Services team works exclusively on supporting you and your client at every stage of the journey. Partnering with LPL, you can provide clients with convenient, customized, single-source access to a broad range of subject matter expertise and proven capabilities for:

  • Advanced Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning

When you need extended support to deliver differentiated value that wins new business and deepens existing relationships, we also provide you with access to:

  • Customized Portfolio Construction
  • Investment Proposals
  • Specialist Consultations
  • Optional Point-of-Sale Support, meeting directly with you and your clients, if desired

Working with High-Net-Worth Services, you can confidently tailor client engagements and create personalized strategies, goal-directed insights, and holistic wealth planning that grows your clients’ wealth and your business. 

Why LPL High-Net-Worth Services?

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Maximize your expertise

Efficiently win and retain more high-net-worth clients

Enhance your offerings and business approach with LPL’s trusted subject matter experts. It’s like having a dedicated team, without the overhead. 


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Elevate client experiences

Exceed expectations of affluent clients

Build deeper relationships and create differentiated value through personalized experiences and convenient, single-source access to trusted professionals to help your high-net-worth clients maximize their investment opportunities, minimize tax liabilities, plan their legacy, direct philanthropic giving, and make their money work harder.


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Unleash growth

Unlock more of the affluent market

Draw on our proven ability to help advisors increase high-net-worth assets by 200%1. Confidently win and keep every one of your most profitable clients through our unique approach that complements your business and positions you for growth.




High-net-worth investors typically have between $5-$25 million in investable assets or expect to have access to significant investable assets through the sale of a business or stock, an inheritance, or other high-value transactions

We know you work hard to get and keep your clients, so we work closely with you to listen to your needs and your clients’ needs, and then customize our approach. We can attend client meetings with you or work behind the scenes—it’s up to you.

LPL High-Net-Worth Services is designed to work with and for your business, in whatever way best supports you. We can extend and enhance your own capabilities, and strengthen the capabilities of your own network of accountants, attorneys, and more, to provide your high-net-worth clients with exceptional service and deep expertise.     

Yes, High-Net-Worth Services offers one free one hour consultation with a High-Net-Worth Services consultant per client per year before entering into a paid engagement. Advanced planning attorneys and CFAs are only accessible through paid engagements.

As part of LPL Business Solutions Comprehensive Advice, Private Client Services is evolving and narrowing its legacy free offering into a select set of fee-based services backed by our team of High-Net-Worth subject-matter experts. Starting October 15th and during Q4 of 2023, engagements with $5 million or more of investable assets will have free access to the new fee-based services (excluding Advanced Plans). Fees will only apply to engagements with less than $5 million of investable assets during this time. Starting January 1st, 2024, fees will apply to all engagements.

Advanced Plans are a legacy Paraplanning service now delivered by our High-Net-Worth Services team. As a result, Advanced Plans will continue to be offered for a fee during Q4 of 2023.

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