All too often, business marketing is categorized as an “off the side of my desk” activity for advisors. It’s something they need to do, but don’t have the necessary time to complete. Or, maybe it’s a secondary role someone on their team must fulfill. Unfortunately, when marketing efforts aren’t made a priority, or given to someone without the requisite skill and expertise, the messaging can fail to:

  •  Establish your key benefits as a business 
  •  Keep you top of mind with your target audience
  •  Introduce important topics and trends 
  •  Showcase your expertise
  •  Build trust and drive brand loyalty

To avoid missing these important points, many advisors partner with Marketing Solutions to ensure an elevated and consistent brand experience in their practice. So, how does this work? First, we help you create a strategic marketing plan that resonates with your target market. Then, we deliver your Marketing Road Map (MRM) as a central marketing source where you can:

  •  Review your marketing strategy with a calendared plan of action
  •  Examine tactics by topic, channel, and target audience
  •  Have up-to-date visibility into your scheduled market activity

At a glance, your MRM shows what your marketing consultant has planned for the month in the form of compliance-approved blogs, emails, social media, and digital ads. For example, the calendar for March and April may include tax-related educational information, reminders, and how-to’s to help with tax season.  

While many advisors find the pre-approved and carefully curated materials suitable for their needs, others like to review the material and further incorporate personalized messages and images. Your dedicated marketing consultant can help make those revisions and manage the compliance approval process on your behalf.  

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"My digital marketing efforts have routinely exceeded industry averages along all key performance indicators."

– Tim Evans, Eastwood Wealth

Tim Evans, founder of Eastwood Wealth in Wilmington, North Carolina, is one of the many advisors who have benefited from a collaboration with Marketing Solutions. As a natural marketer, Evans had already identified his target audience and unique benefits when he enlisted digital marketing support to increase the effectiveness of his efforts. He works with his LPL marketing consultant on a weekly basis to review his MRM and further curate content that will resonate with his audience.

Beyond the consulting, curated content, scheduling, and implementation of marketing tactics, Evans has found tremendous value in the robust analytics. His comprehensive performance reports help him see what worked and why, and he and his consultant use that data to strengthen future campaigns.

“When I decided to engage Marketing Solutions, I wanted reassurances that the ROI would be there,” explains Evans. “I’ve routinely gotten those reassurances not only in the value my consultant has provided in helping me tailor content to my audience, but in the results. My digital marketing efforts have routinely exceeded industry averages along all key performance indicators,” Evans concludes.

Are you looking to set your practice up for success and commit to a plan of action for your marketing activities? You can set up a time now to learn more about Marketing Solutions and how to leverage our skill, scale, and technology for improved results.

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