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Marketing Tips for Time-Strapped Financial Advisors

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Marketing can be a challenge on a good day, but when most of your time’s focused on other work, it feels nearly impossible. However, putting off any kind of marketing efforts can make it easy for your clients to forget you, and difficult for prospective clients to find you. In order to strengthen existing client relationships and establish new ones, you need to make your digital presence a priority.

To inspire you, we’ve asked three Marketing Solutions consultants to share their top digital marketing tips for time-strapped financial advisors.


Claire Slepecki

“If you can only do one thing, make sure you do it regularly. It could be a
short one-minute video on Facebook or LinkedIn, or a quick email to clients about your thoughts on the market. The most important thing is to do this on a regular basis. Put yourself out there. Take an hour and do it. Clients and prospects need to hear from you – and they need to hear from you consistently.”

– Claire Slepecki, LPL Marketing Solutions Consultant 2018 - present
Communications Major with Journalism Minor, North Carolina State University


Mary Jane-1

“Start with an email to clients twice a month. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Client communication is so important. Something like 75% of clients leave their advisors just because they don’t hear from them. As an advisor, the biggest source of referrals we see when we implement targeted campaigns is your clients.

However, they can’t/won’t refer prospective clients to you unless they hear from you, and you’re top of mind for them. Keep in mind, people want to know you. So even if it’s an email about a family trip you took, a Little League game you coached, or if you have a dog – send a pic of your dog! That personal connection is so invaluable.”

– Mary Jane McWilliams, LPL Marketing Solutions Consultant 2018 - present
Marketing and Management Double Major with a Public Relations Minor

Elizabeth Fogarty


"Send emails to segmented groups. Emails to clients are really important– but one email will not be good for all. Just knowing that, and how to segment, is huge. You don’t have to send everything to everybody. Knowing what your clients want – and providing the information to them when they want it – helps you get better, more highly qualified leads. There’s always so much opportunity within your current book of business you might not even know about until you send those segmented client emails.”"

– Elizabeth Fogarty, LPL Marketing Solutions Consultant 2019 - present
Marketing Major, Point Loma Nazarene University


What can Marketing Solutions do for me?

LPL’s Marketing Solutions deploys the latest in enterprise-level technology combined with highly skilled consultants, resulting in a powerful blend of innovative digital marketing that significantly moves the needle. On average, advisors who sign up for Marketing Solutions see a 104% increase in Net New Assets and 10% growth in their new client base.

Our advisors are assigned a dedicated digital marketing consultant who looks at the advisor’s goals, reviews their past growth, and helps them set a course. Whether it’s brand awareness, generating highly qualified leads, or consistent communication with current clients, consultants continuously analyze the advisor’s goals and align them in real-time to ensure Marketing Solutions delivers results.

Marketing Solutions is different from an inexpensive DIY digital marketing service, offering a personalized strategy focusing on the advisor’s needs, ideal client, and current audience. Unlike a high-priced agency, our consultants create collaborative relationships with advisors on a day-to-day basis, yielding rich results.

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