Overcome Admin Overload While Staying Front and Center

Administrative tasks can sneak up on you, hijack your days, and rob you of peak productivity. This is known as admin overload, and it usually occurs when you:

  • Don't anticipate the extent to which activity generates administrative tasks.
  • Underestimate the time involved and skills needed to complete the tasks
  • Allow deadlines to drive priorities
  • Try to do it all yourself or with current (overwhelmed) staffing levels. 

Admin overload typically rears its head at the worst possible time (i.e. Q4 end of the year wrap up) and can negatively impact your ability to achieve your goals. But the good news? We can help you can get ahead of it.


"Our [Admin Solutions] team gets things done far more efficiently than we could."

– Susan Dvoracek, BMO Investment Services

Working behind the scenes

For Susan Dvoracek, regional administrative manager at BMO Investment Services, the answer to admin overload was to get someone “on the inside,” working behind the scenes so the firm’s advisors could stay front and center with clients.

“After the transition to LPL, we had additional repapering projects and other clean-up tasks that we need to take care of as well as the day-to-day administrative tasks. Having the support of the Admin Solutions team was the key to success. Our admin allows our support team members to focus on the day-to-day tasks. As far as the repapering and book clean up, our admin gets things done far more efficiently than we could. For example, in just three months, our admin tackled the repapering of 1,700 accounts. Her one-on-one work with advisors has also had a significant and positive impact. As she goes through an advisor’s book for data recapture, she creates prioritized to-do lists, does householding work, attends to reminders, and deletes duplicate client accounts. We are extremely happy that we made the decision to delegate these tasks to Admin Solutions to get this done. The value of having someone inside LPL’s home office providing admin support cannot be overstated. Because she knows the systems, processes, and people, she can get answers quickly. She’s also a great source for new ideas and best practices … an all-around go-to person.”

Dvoracek’s firm is one of the many who turn to Admin Solutions to handle high-volume tasks that distract from other high-value activities. Might you be the next?


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