In 2020, LPL introduced the Assurance Plan. The only succession plan of its kind for financial professionals in today’s marketplace. In the years since, it has attracted interest and healthy enrollment, but the most important metric is the nearly $6 million in gross benefits paid to our advisors’ beneficiaries, after their unplanned exit from the industry.* We captured some key takeaways from transitioning these businesses. 

Key learnings from beneficiaries about The Assurance Plan


  • Beneficiaries appreciated the fairly immediate payout. The value of loved ones receiving a payout during times of hardship and suffering—due to death or incapacitation—cannot be overstated. 

  • Upside potential became reality. In every case, the Assurance Plan paid more than the 1.5x guaranteed revenue, averaging 2.1x overall.**

  • Nearly half of the practices transitioned to the advisors’ identified “first right of refusal” buyer, an optional designation made during plan enrollment. This experience has shown that when a prospective buyer is predetermined, and with our offer of favorable financing conditions for qualified buyers, the practice often goes where the advisor intended.

  • A set subscription fee and no underwriting requirements ensured that advisors at various stages in their careers could benefit from the plan. The range in AUM of businesses we transitioned was $10.5 million to $80 million, with an average of $42.9 million. 

  • The Assurance Plan is beneficial for advisors of all ages. The plan was used for unplanned exits of advisors ranging in age from their mid-40s to the mid-70s.

We are grateful for the trust that early subscribers placed in The Assurance Plan to protect their legacy, honored to support our advisors’ beneficiaries, and proud to provide peace of mind to our subscribers. 

To learn more or get started with The Assurance Plan, schedule time with a member of our team. 


*Unplanned exit due to death or incapacity.

**Benefits calculation uses most recent trailing three months recurring LPL revenue, annualized.

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