There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has created great disruption to our everyday lives, including in the workforce. By now, you’ve likely experienced, or at least are familiar with, the "Great Resignation." The "Great Resignation" refers to a growing trend of employees leaving their current position to spend more time on what matters most to them – whether that’s being at home or changing their career.

As a result, businesses have had to quickly scramble, recalibrate and hire to fill the gaps. For many of our advisors, they were already facing a capacity crisis, so losing a key member of the support team can make for an incredibly challenging situation. Advisors have been forced to take on more work, spending time hiring or training instead of with clients, and have had to restructure office workflows.

These pressure points are undoubtedly challenging – and Admin Solutions can provide relief for you and your business during the "Great Resignation." Our offerings can provide temporary* or long-term support when you need it the most.

Admin Solutions can be tailored to your practice' needs. we'd love to talk more about how it can help you. Schedule a complimenary consultation today.

1. Hire Admin Solutions for scalable or temporary* help

You’re busier than ever and if an employee resigns, you’re left to quickly scramble to fill the gap. This leaves you at risk to hire the wrong employee, causing you to spend hours retraining.

Advisor Scott Pollack is familiar with feeling these challenges. In fact, he went through 36 different people before finally landing on Maggie, his admin with Admin Solutions. The transition was fluid, as he describes her as a "life saver" who has done more work for him than any previous admin. What’s best is he no longer worries about hiring, training or managing.

Pollack’s confidence comes from the fact that Admin Solutions allows you to bring on a trained admin who knows LPL’s systems and process, without adding any payroll risk or responsibility. With an offering adjusted to your needs, you can control how many hours and what your admin’s tasks are based on your office’s needs.

2. Help your support staff advance in their career, right in your practice

According to Forbes, nearly 25 percent of Americans have quit their jobs during the "Great Resignation." When asked, they often site the need for a more fulfilling career with opportunity for advancement.

Admin Solutions can provide relief for your current support staff, while allowing them to take on more meaningful client-facing tasks. Delegate tasks to Admin Solutions that are time-consuming, such as new account openings or service and compliance issues.

When you provide your team with more meaningful career paths, you’re more likely to retain their talent over time.

3. Create a remote option for employees

Use Admin Solutions to create a remote infrastructure that relies on LPL’s technology to create a streamlined workflow. This allows employees the flexibility to work where it’s best for them and their families.

Advisor Dennis Grinestaff partnered with his admin, Jesica, to create a streamlined workflow for their Redtail system. Grinestaff said he often finds himself saying, "Wow! All the work is done." Jesica was there to help build the workflow and implement it, allowing their office to experience a better supported infrastructure.

By utilizing the latest financial technology solutions, Admin can jump in and create a streamlined workflow that can be accessed anywhere, ultimately providing better retention rates.

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* Minimum contract of six months.

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