CFO Solutions

Optimize the growth and valuation of your business

The process for operating and managing a business can be overwhelming. As if managing cash flow, payroll, and record-keeping weren’t enough, as your business evolves, the firm may need to access a line of credit, consider making a real estate investment, a merger or acquisition, or write a succession plan to ensure your legacy.

The chief financial officers at CFO Solutions are all LPL employees that you can trust will offer credible and objective guidance and help translate your business data into actionable insights to fuel financial growth and efficiency in your practice. 

CFO Solutions can analyze your operation, assess your needs, and create a strategic plan to help you meet your immediate business objectives and future goals.

Key Benefits:
  • Uncover financial opportunities to reduce expenses and increase profitability
  • Have a strategic business plan with detailed objectives to meet your goals
  • Create benchmarks and measure outcomes to meet stated objectives

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CFO Solutions

We Can Help You With:

  • Business analytics and insights
  • Cash flow planning & forecast
  • Optimize business expenditures
  • Annual plan & benchmarking
  • Monthly KPI report & dashboard
  • Long-term strategy planning
  • Credit, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Annual in-person meetings

“We are not CFO’s. We don’t have that kind of training and background. So we need to lean on someone who can do that. LPL has provided us with this expertise.”

John Shrewsbury
GenWealth Financial

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