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General Questions

Pricing varies by each solution and the level of service your business requires. Specific services and levels of support will be confirmed in an agreement. Your Business consultant will review your options based on learning your business needs.

We bill in arears by pulling fees from commissions earned. For example: a February service fee is pulled from March commission payments.

There are two commission cycles each month. You can choose whether to have fees pulled from the first, the second, or split between the two.  


Admin Solutions

Our admins can handle all the typical functions you may expect from an office assistant such as: manage your calendar, schedule appointments, proof documents, send emails, and coordinate meetings. They can also manage tasks specific to operating a financial practice like managing standard account activity, processing new account opening documents, account maintenance, transfers, and cash management. They have expertise in using ClientWorks, Account View, Move Money, AdvisoryWorld, and WealthVision so that they can help serve and answer questions for your clients.

Yes! We will arrange to have a direct-dial contact for you and your clients.

Yes! Your admin can handle customer inquiries, follow-up on transactions, set up conference calls, schedule appointments, and more.

You will have a dedicated admin professional who will learn your business and consistently represent your firm. Your admin is backed by a team of trained professionals so your business needs are always met.

Yes, we do have options to provide multiple levels of support. Let your Business consultant know about your specific needs so that we can invite each advisor to participate in the onboarding process to ensure your admin is prepared to meet all advisors’ business needs.

During the onboarding process, our team will work closely with you to learn about your business needs and personal working style to match the appropriate person to fit within your office culture.

Our admins are only scheduled to work normal business hours, Monday through Friday and observe the same holidays as LPL & Wall Street.

Your Admin is an LPL employee who is required to undergo background checks, drug testing, and sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your business and your clients’ private and sensitive data. With your permission, your admin is granted administrative assistant level access to your LPL accounts such as ClientWorks to perform only administrative level tasks. Admins should only be given access to information allowed under federally regulated compliance standards.


Marketing Solutions

Yes. A successful marketing plan starts with a clear strategy. As the business owner, you’ll work with your marketing consultant to define your goals, and identify your target consumer, so that he or she can design a plan aligned with your goals and then execute the plan to bring your campaign to life.

In addition to creating a marketing plan, your marketing consultant will work with you to execute marketing initiatives and ongoing tasks in a variety of areas including web, email marketing, social media, and blogging.

The type of content that will be used on your behalf is customized and tailored to your existing clients and prospects. The base content comes from our content library, which is developed in house, and includes various curated pieces from outside financial content vendors, all adapted to your unique tone and style.

Yes. Your marketing consultant can make recommendations for improving your current site or help you design a new one.

Your online presence is critical, and your marketing consultant can help you develop effective website messaging to differentiate your practice from your competitors. They can help you with SEO improvements, development of landing pages and forms to generate leads. If you’re creating a new site, the Marketing Solutions team can help you find web developers and will work alongside them to ensure your site is set up for success.

Yes. Whether you prefer to write your blog yourself, or would like help writing one, your marketing consultant can help. They can proof-read and edit your blog entry and post it to your site, or they can work with you to develop a blog in your tone of voice. Whichever you choose, your marketing consultant will work with you to ensure there is consistent content generated from your website.

Your consultant will send emails that are tailored to the interests of your clients and prospects, using materials that are already part of your marketing plan, such as blog posts. If you like, your marketing consultant can also work with you to develop an email newsletter. 

Yes. Your marketing consultant will work with you to create a content calendar to provide the framework for sharing content that resonates with your audience and draws attention to your practice. They will also create posts and distribute them to your network. If you don’t already have social media channels for your practice, your marketing consultant can create them for you.


CFO Solutions

Your CFO can provide a wide range of strategic and financial services, from creating and implementing a strategic business plan to reviewing budgets, forecasting, and advising you on reducing expenditures. Your consultant can help you raise capital, establish cash reserves, maximize your growth and profitability, and demonstrate how following a business plan can impact short- and long-term cash flow, overall profitability, and the valuation of your business.

Your CFO will often work with your CPA as a strategic partner, providing financial insight and implementation that a CPA may not be qualified to provide. Your CFO focuses on financial strategies for growth and measurable outcomes like resolving cash flow issues and optimizing margins, shaping and helping execute short- and long-term financial plans for your business.

If your business is on a growth path, a CFO can help you make wise business decisions to minimize risk and optimize your growth potential to meet short- and long-term business objectives. We suggest that you have a conversation with a Business consultant to assess your business needs so we can make a recommendation.

Your CFO will work with you to develop a long-term business strategy that will be measured by short-term accomplishments, each of which will bring your business closer to your ultimate goals. Our CFOs are most effective when they have an ongoing relationship with you and your business, and meet with you regularly to set measurable goals and objectives. Unlike other consulting services, your CFO will go beyond merely identifying areas to focus on, but will partner with you to implement and execute against your own customized, strategic plan.

None. Your CFO has all the tools he or she will need to analyze and report on the business data you provide. There are software add-ons you can consider, and you can purchase them using our volume discount if you choose. If you wish, your CFO will also review your vendor relationships and see what savings we can pass onto you as part of the onboarding process.  We don’t profit from or accept any fees or gifts from manufacturers to recommend certain brands or products.


Technology Solutions

We use a customized enterprise version of to meet  the security needs dictated by the financial industry.

We ensure that our service meets or exceeds the industry's best standards for storing PII in the cloud. Our solution adheres to the policies set by Compliance. We configured all the service settings in advance to ensure your cloud storage solution is compliant with the Branch Office Security Policy section 6.4.

Unlimited cloud storage.

No, we do not charge for migrating your business data to the cloud.

It depends on the amount of data and the internet speed at the time of the migration.  However, in most cases, the migration process only takes a couple of days.

Compliance and cybersecurity are two different things. Financial advisors today are required to navigate increasingly complex waters when it comes to regulatory compliance. Having client data in a digital format has made compliance issues more complicated that even those who follow the rules to the best of their abilities can still step out of bounds on occasion. That’s why LPL offers firms 24/7 compliance monitoring so that your practice stays in bounds.

Firms in compliance have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. LPL has discovered that a majority of the firms who reported a cyber–attack were compliant with LPL’s Branch Office Security Policy at the time. That’s because cybersecurity experts report that the security walls used by most advisory firms are still relatively weak. LPL created Remote Office Solution to answer this need to provide enterprise-level security programs to monitor for potential threats 24/7 and provide a way to respond and mitigate them to avoid the impact of an attack.

Financial firms are particularly vulnerable due to the amount of personal and sensitive data they possess. A study produced by Forbes Magazine states that nearly two-thirds of all cyber-attacks target small businesses, costing a business, on average, $85k.

Investing in cybersecurity to ensure the safety of clients’ data is an investment in protecting the firm’s assets and reputation. Rigorous training procedures and education for staff members on security issues are also important. That’s why we provide firms with periodic security awareness training as part of Remote Office Solution. 

The age of the computer is not as important as ensuring all of the security patches and updates are applied and maintained. For example, a four-year-old computer that is kept up to date with all the security patches and updates with a high-end protection software installed is more secure than a computer that is six months old and does not have proactive systems to ensure updates are applied using a consumer-grade anti-virus program.

Depending on the incident, you would be responsible for hiring legal counsel to represent your business and a data forensics firm to investigate and report on the systems breached, the data left vulnerable, the notification to clients of the data compromised and paying for them to be enrollment in ongoing credit monitoring. Also, you will need to cover the costs associated with restoring data and your office systems to resume business as usual.

Please note that any cybersecurity event, security incident, or violation of an LPL Branch Office Security Policy, whether confirmed or suspected, needs to be reported immediately to the LPL Privacy Office via the Security Incident Hotline at 1-866-578-7011.

LPL monitors over 10,000+ devices daily using the latest end-point protection tools used by many of the largest financial services companies and government entities in the world. Secure Office is a program that allows LPL to extend access to these protection tools and offer 24/7 security monitoring and a response team to thwart potential threats actively. Management software is included in Remote Office Solution to make software updates in real-time to apply security patches and securely back up all data on your device. It is also used to make updates to keep your device compliant to withstand a branch audit.

No. Remote Office Solution specifically provides programs to support cybersecurity and compliance. A local provider can provide you with hands-on computer technology support.

Yes and no. Whether you are using a Mac or PC by any major manufacturer, desktop, or laptop, we can help. The only requirement is that your computer’s operating system is the Windows 10 or Mac OSX version 10.x or higher. The computer requirements for Remote Office Solution is the same as the minimum computer requirements necessary to use Clientworks.

Yes. The $125 a month fee includes up to two computer devices (PC, laptop) per person.

No. Remote Office Solution supports Windows or macOS computers.

If your state has unique requirements, we will work with you to help you meet those obligations, even if it is to provide a template for manual submissions the state requires. We are currently working with our Compliance and Information Security teams to develop a comprehensive solution to implement tools to automate individual state requirements.

remote Office Solution customers are afforded the added benefit of a higher level of coverage and lower deductible than an LPL advisor, not in the program. It is our way of providing our thanks for entrusting your cybersecurity needs to us. LPL’s E&O default coverage changes annually, so we estimate the coverage to increases to $750K, and the deductible reduces to $7k with Remote Office Solution. The E&O policy is provided upon request.

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