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A power shift between businesses and clients happened during the economic downturn, changing the dynamics of marketing. Customers became more selective, requiring greater service and a one-to-one relationship with the people they choose to handle their business. At the same time, technology exploded, providing consumers with new tools to compare services and communicate with professionals on their terms. 

Today, it takes specialized knowhow to market a business to its fullest potential effectively. To stay competitive, hiring a dedicated marketing expert is essential. 

LPL’s Marketing Solutions provides seasoned marketing professionals to help you optimize your website, and develop email, social media, and digital advertising campaigns that drive local engagement with your clients and prospects. They also measure and optimize digital campaigns and report on campaign results. 

When you add Marketing Solutions to your practice, a marketing consultant will work with you to create a marketing strategy for your practice to generate leads and maximize your opportunities to close more business.

Key Benefits:
  • Marketing consultants backed by a team of digital and creative experts
  • No more figuring out how to get started, or finding the time to market
  • Consistent marketing, executed and measured to see a return on investment

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Marketing Solutions

We can help you with:

  • Website strategy and SEO
  • Content strategy & development
  • Social media sites management
  • Content calendar and execution
  • Digital campaign development
  • Personalized emails & execution
  • Compliance-approved content
  • Campaign analytics & reporting

related info:

“To have [content] created for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin that I don’t have to generate and presented in a way I could never possibly do on my own is fantastic.”

Paul Decelles
Paul Decelles Financial Strategies

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