Case Study

Marketing Solutions

Consistency Counts

Paul Decelles’s practice is in what he calls “very rural northern Vermont.” But despite the quiet setting, Paul is very busy. His practice is made up of three people and is 23 years strong, serving the self-made small-business owners of Orleans County, helping with simple IRA and 401(k) plans, and building income streams for retirement. With that workload, creating and executing a consistent, quality marketing plan has always been a challenge for Paul.

“Marketing wasn’t something I was able to dedicate a consistent amount of effort to because of the nature of my business,” he says. “I’ve had a series of marketing starts and stops, as my enthusiasm waxed and waned, and as time pressure turned my attention away from marketing.”

But Paul’s enthusiasm for marketing has changed since adding Marketing Solutions to his practice. “To have access to someone whose job is to do marketing for me is just a home run,” he says.


Paul’s dedicated marketing specialist, Brandon Everett, didn’t waste any time getting started. “The very first thing he did was break down my awful website,” Paul says. Brandon helped Paul streamline the content to create a customer-focused experience that reflects his complete value proposition and extends that to social media as well. “We’ve gotten nice feedback from our clients on our Facebook posts and email campaigns. They’re happy to be included and to see that we have an interest in keeping them current on the markets,” Paul says. “Whenever we think of marketing now, we don’t try to figure out what we’re going to do; we think of Marketing Solutions to help us get something distributed the way it ought to be.”

Usually reluctant when it comes to technology, Paul is also impressed that Marketing Solutions offers him tools that are both easy to plug into and customizable to his customers. “Advisors who have entirely different markets than I do will utilize these services in an entirely different way that will be effective for them,” he says.

Now Paul sees results. After promoting a recent Social Security seminar, new prospects have come to Paul seeking help, encouraged that his practice had insight about the subject. In just seven months, he believes his practice has benefited from every stage of the VCMO process. “My website was beautifully redesigned, a social media strategy was implemented, and we got assistance with traditional marketing efforts like campaigns, seminars, and print ads. Brandon is helping me execute marketing that I could not possibly have initiated, completed, or consistently executed on my own.”