Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Pricing varies by each solution and the level of service your business requires. Specific services and levels of support will be confirmed in an agreement. Your Business consultant will review your options based on learning your business needs.

We bill in arears by pulling fees from commissions earned. For example: a February service fee is pulled from March commission payments.

There are two commission cycles each month. You can choose whether to have fees pulled from the first, the second, or split between the two.  

Admin Solutions

Our admins can handle all the typical functions you may expect from an office assistant such as: manage your calendar, schedule appointments, proof documents, send emails, and coordinate meetings. They can also manage tasks specific to operating a financial practice like managing standard account activity, processing new account opening documents, account maintenance, transfers, and cash management. They have expertise in using ClientWorks, Account View, Move Money, AdvisoryWorld, and WealthVision so that they can help serve and answer questions for your clients.

You will have a dedicated admin professional who will learn your business and consistently represent your firm. Your admin is backed by a team of trained professionals so your business needs are always met.

Yes, we do have options to provide multiple levels of support. Let your business consultant know about your specific needs so that we can invite each advisor to participate in the onboarding process to ensure your admin is prepared to meet all advisors’ business needs.

Your Admin is an LPL employee who is required to undergo background checks, drug testing, and sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your business and your clients’ private and sensitive data. With your permission, your admin is granted administrative assistant level access to your LPL accounts, such as ClientWorks, to perform only administrative level tasks. Admins should only be given access to information allowed under federally regulated compliance standards.

Marketing Solutions

Yes. A successful marketing plan starts with a clear strategy. As the business owner, you’ll work with your marketing consultant to define your goals, and identify your target consumer, so that they can design a plan aligned with your goals and then execute the plan to bring your campaign to life.

During the onboarding process, your Marketing Consultant will conduct an in-depth discovery call with you to learn about your practice. Based on the information you share, your Marketing Consultant will then be able to pull and tailor content relevant to your clients and target prospects from our exclusive Marketing Solutions content library curated from a wide variety of financial content vendors and subject matter experts.

Your online presence is critical. Your Marketing Consultant can make professional recommendations for improving your website and SEO performance. They can also create landing pages and forms that generate leads and develop effective online messaging to differentiate your practice from your competitors.

Yes. Your Marketing Consultant will work with you to create a customized content calendar for sharing content that resonates with your audience and draws attention to your practice through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you don’t already have these social media profiles created for your practice, your Marketing Consultant can create them for you.

Business Strategy Services

LPL’s Business Strategy Services delivers personalized executive insight to help you run your business efficiently, profitably, and achieve your goals. We execute proven strategies with measurable results, helping advisors like you to level up, in your way, and on your terms.

Your business strategist will often work with your accountant as a strategic partner, providing financial insight and implementation that an accountant may not be qualified to provide. Your strategist focuses on strategies for growth and measurable outcomes like resolving cash flow issues and optimizing margins, shaping and helping execute short- and long-term financial plans for your business.

Your strategist will work with you to develop a long-term business strategy that will be measured by short-term accomplishments, each of which will bring your business closer to your ultimate goals. Your strategist is effective because they have an ongoing relationship with you and your business, and will meet with you regularly to set measurable goals and objectives, and ensure progress against those goals. Unlike other consulting services, your strategist will go beyond merely identifying areas to focus on, but will partner with you to implement and execute against your own customized, strategic plan.

Your business strategist can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably in a number ways, including organizing and standardizing your financial and operational foundations, helping you increase the value of your business, accelerating your growth, implementing proven strategies for optimization, preparing for future transition or succession, and working with a trusted partner to help accomplish your goals.

The Digital Office

We ensure that our service meets or exceeds the industry's best standards for storing PII in the cloud. Our solution adheres to the policies set by Compliance. We configure all the service settings in advance to ensure your cloud storage solution is compliant with the Branch Office Security Policy section 6.4.

We will provide your business with unlimited cloud storage.

When you are working online, your files save in real time to the cloud. 

Compliance and cybersecurity are two different things. Financial professionals today are required to navigate increasingly complex waters when it comes to regulatory compliance. Having client data in a digital format has made compliance issues more complicated that even those who follow the rules to the best of their abilities can still step out of bounds on occasion. That’s why LPL offers firms 24/7 compliance monitoring so that your practice stays in bounds.

Firms in compliance have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. LPL has discovered that a majority of the firms who reported a cyber–attack were compliant with LPL’s Branch Office Security Policy at the time. That’s because cybersecurity experts report that the security walls used by most advisory firms are still relatively weak. LPL created Secure Office to answer this need to provide enterprise-level security programs to monitor for potential threats 24/7 and provide a way to respond and mitigate them to avoid the impact of an attack.

LPL monitors over 10,000+ devices daily using the latest end-point protection tools used by many of the largest financial services companies and government entities in the world. Secure Office is a program that allows LPL to extend access to these protection tools and offer 24/7 security monitoring and a response team to thwart potential threats actively. Management software is included in Secure Office to make software updates in real-time to apply security patches and securely back up all data on your device. It is also used to make updates to keep your device compliant to withstand a branch audit.

The Assurance Plan

Unplanned exit or incapacity is defined as your involuntary exit from the industry due to death or an accident, injury, or medical condition that prevents you from working due to physical or cognitive impairment.

The initial valuation will take place within six months of purchasing The Assurance Plan. The valuation will be assessed annually during a three-year contract. After the triggering event, a new valuation will be conducted to help guide fair market value for potential buyers.

It is based on a 1.5x multiple of your recurring revenues. Recurring revenues are defined as existing trail commissions and advisory fees generated through LPL (and do not include off-platform assets such as TAMPs). Does not include assets held outside of LPL.

The initial payment is typically paid out via check to the beneficiary within 45 days of LPL being notified of your death or incapacity.

Resilience Plan

A short-term medical leave of absence ranges from a minimum of 60 days to a maximum of nine months. The Resilience Plan covers time away to care for a family member, maternity or paternity leave, accidental injury and recovery, illness and treatment, as well as elective medical procedures and recuperation time.

Once you sign the Resilience Plan contract, you’ll complete a questionnaire and have the opportunity to review your book with our in-house team of financial professionals. Upon notice of your leave, LPL sends a letter and ADV to your clients, notifying them of the temporary change in service. Our team services your clients during your leave on a non-solicitation basis. Once you return, LPL is removed from client accounts, ensuring a seamless transition back to you.

LPL’s Investor Focused Solutions is an in-house group of registered financial advisors, backed by an experienced team of service and operations professionals. The advisor team has over 60 years combined experience from firms including Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, and JP Morgan Chase. They are well-versed in LPL’s systems and ready to service your clients by conducting annual reviews, managing portfolios, taking care of account maintenance, and more.

M&A Solutions

LPL M&A Solutions is industry-leading in that we provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for the process using our team of skilled transaction specialists. If you were to manage the M&A process independently, you must engage with multiple vendors that specialize in specific components of M&A (e.g. valuation or contracts). The process can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. With LPL, you have one consistent and knowledgeable guide managing the transaction, freeing you to spend your time where it matters most. Beyond closing the deal, LPL goes the extra mile with integration and transition of the book, increasing efficiency and mitigating execution risk.

When you pursue an acquisition or sale on your own, the process can take 6-9 months or more to complete. With LPL, the process is reduced to just 60-90 days on average.

Our team collectively has decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, and consistently assists on over 100 deals each year. We understand financial professionals and their businesses, and work with you to help ensure a stress-free, positive experience.

LPL has access to a vast network of active buyers and sellers. Our M&A team leaders are skilled and experienced in matching buy- and sell-side advisors with the most suitable candidates. In addition, the Premium Buyer Program is an attractive option for advisors who want to enhance their position as a qualified, pre-approved buyer so you’re always ready to take immediate action on suitable opportunities.

Yes, your deal team can assist you with financing through LPL, offering flexible terms, competitive rates, streamlined applications, and quick access to funding.