Secure Office

Defend against online threats and compliance breaches

Protect your clients’ trust in you by protecting their private information from online threats. 

Off-the-shelf, consumer grade detection tools are designed for self-protection. LPL’s Secure Office is designed for business protection.

With Secure Office, you’ll get an enterprise-grade solution that provides you with real- time, around- the- clock digital protection for your clients, their data, and your business assets.



  • $109 for one user, one device per month; add a second device for only $19 more per month
  • Want to add additional devices? Submit the form to reach our team, and we’ll be in touch


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 Pro || Mac / Apple Computers
  • Windows Devices MUST include an active TPM chip with Bitlocker available

*All devices with Box access must adhere to the Branch Office Security Policy

Secure Office

Key Features

Compliance monitoring

Our team keeps your devices compliant

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Seamless, always-On Protection

Top industry technology identifies, remediates, and removes threats from your devices

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Vulnerabilities identified in real time

Globally, our 24/7 Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Team is researching and identifying new attacks and vulnerabilities to keep your defenses up-to-date

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Threats are triaged-before you experience an issue

Our incident responders triage and investigate known threats to your network, identify root causes and engage the cyber kill-chain

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Protect yourself from losses

Enhanced E&O coverage give you financial protection from losses arising from any cyber security breaches or corrupted technology

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Stop malware and phishing attempts in their tracks

Next-Gen Antivirus protects, filters, and controls all network traffic to and from your office. This helps reduce or block data exfiltration, malware, phishing, or inappropriate content from making it to your office network.

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You’ve got a backup

Cloud storage backup means you can recover your user data in case of a breach or equipment outage. Frequent device updates and security patches automatically backup your device (Windows systems and profiles only)

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Access the internet safely—from anywhere

Secure Office provides you with your own secure private network. Use public Wi-Fi networks safely by automatically accessing your secure, encrypted VPN network

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Your team is trained to properly identify attempts to compromise your data

Regular employee cybersecurity training and updates, including newsletters, video, and simulations, reinforces safe online behavior

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Secure Office offers a comprehensive managed detection and response (MDR) solution which combines the power of artificial intelligence with a squad of expert cybersecurity professionals who hunt for threats 24/7. Our team supports you throughout the consultation, orientation, and installation process.

Consumer-grade antivirus primarily protect against known and well circulated viruses while relying on the user to determine the level of the threat which it has detected. Secure Office subscribers no longer need to manage alerts from their virus protection. Threats are caught and mitigated in real time, and even the most advanced techniques are discoverable through the Next-Gen Antivirus included in the solution.

With Secure Office you get access to the following:

  • Assistance with compliance remediation
  • Enterprise-grade security suite
  • 24/7 threat-hunting team
  • Unlimited file backup
  • Increased E&O Cybersecurity Coverage
  • Compliance monitoring

Yes, we can help restore files, folders and settings if your computer crashes or a file/folder gets corrupted.

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