Have you ever wondered why racehorses wear blinders? Blinders help sharpen a horse’s focus by removing the distraction of peripheral activity and noise, helping to improve results.  

Starting a new calendar year can feel a lot like the start of a race. And your practice’s administrative tasks are just like the noises on the periphery. They can distract you from focusing on higher-value activities and can steer you off the path from your most important goals.  

Enhance your 2022 performance by putting on the proverbial blinders and delegating the administrative tasks that may be weighing you and your team down. Feedback from your peers indicates that some of the most time-consuming tasks include:  

  • Client communications to resolve tasks and schedule meetings
  • New account openings and account transfers
  • Providing e-signature forms and follow-up
  • Outreach regarding Required Minimum Distributions
  • Technical issue resolution and troubleshooting

In January and February of 2021, advisors who subscribed to LPL’s Admin Solutions set a fast pace for the year by having their LPL admin:

  • Schedule client review meetings to get ahead of tax season
  • Ensure client access to Account View for account and tax info
  • Generate client review reports
  • Facilitate Traditional and Roth IRA funding
  • Outreach on Required Minimum Distributions
  • List low balance accounts for closing/writing offs

This pace is based on our admins being fully trained in LPL systems and processes – so you don’t have to worry about proficiency. 

Looking for a more sustainable solution to your practice’s endless to-do list? Schedule time now to connect with an LPL Business Solutions consultant to learn more about how we can support your practice and put the blinders on for 2022.

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