With built-in features, and the added benefit of LPL security, Secure Cloud storage solution is one of the most secure ways to share files today.

Why should you consider Secure Cloud for your business? As a financial professional, you’re working with sensitive financial data, passwords and other client information that’s for your eyes only. You’re careful, but you hear stories of financial service firms getting hacked and personal data being stolen.

LPL offers its financial professionals the same enterprise security features the home office utilizes, a service called Secure Cloud. This platform provides a way to access your files securely from anywhere, even offering the ability to transfer large files securely without the worry of prying eyes. Even when you’re away from your office.

Top 10 reasons to consider Secure Cloud

  1. You can send large files like trust and estate planning documents securely, quickly, and in full compliance

  2. You get unlimited space to share and store files of any size—even massive media files (under 150 GB)

  3. There’s no need to rely on Send Secure individual encryption for each email in Outlook or have clients constantly re-set their ProofPoint passwords

  4. There are no required “minimum seats” for this storage subscription

  5. Gain access to all your files securely, from wherever you are, with any type of software

  6. Roll back any mistakes with the version control feature (you can recover up to 99 previous versions of a saved file)

  7. Receive enterprise-level support powered by Box.com—but at a basic business price

  8. Clients can send you files without needing any passwords

  9. The Box.com zero-trust architecture continuously validates security at every stage of file sharing

  10. LPL’s Security Operations team polices the Secure Cloud subscription on top of Box security—giving you a double layer of security across the board

More ways to protect your data

As an advisor and business owner, pairing Secure Cloud with Secure Office security solution may be right for you. Together, these solutions can help protect your sensitive data in case of a ransomware attack.

Secure Cloud offers the ability to plug into LPL’s enterprise-level cloud storage system, powered by Box.com, at a substantial upgrade to what’s available commercially. With built-in features and the added benefit of LPL security, this storage solution is one of the most secure ways to share files today.

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Access your files securely, from anywhere, at anytime.

Leverage LPL’s enterprise-grade, secure cloud storage solution today.