Financial professionals may sometimes tolerate inefficient solutions to administrative tasks, rather than take the leap and bring on dedicated resources trained in efficiency. It’s completely understandable—there are a number of legitimate reasons behind the reluctance, such as:

  • Uncertainty about workload volume and persistence 
  • Disruptions that hiring and training will inevitably cause
  • Fear of long-term employment commitments to others
  • Unavailability of qualified candidates
  • Expenses - both upfront and long-term

We call these reasons, “hiring hang-ups.” They are valid concerns and, at the same time, they are the very reason it makes sense to delegate to a team of professionals. 

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"When I learned about the Admin Solutions program, it seemed like a no-brainer."

– Brendan Sheehan, Waymark Wealth

Support you can count on

For Brendan Sheehan, managing director of Waymark Wealth, the benefit behind delegating tasks to LPL’s Admin Solutions was readily apparent. He explains:"I know the value of both my colleague’s time and mine. If either of us are on the hook for tasks that could be done by a trained administrative professional, then we’re wasting time that could be better spent with clients and driving revenue.  

When I learned about the Admin Solutions program, it seemed like a no-brainer. As long as my administrative support resource performed as promised – which she has – both my colleague and I could spend more time on client-facing, revenue-driving activities. I especially like having a dedicated support person and introducing her to our clients as a member of our team."

Sheehan is one of the many advisors who have turned to LPL Admin Solutions to help increase capacity and achieve operational scalability. 

Are you ready for a solution to your hiring hang-ups? 

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