Secure Cloud

Work easier, faster, and safer—from anywhere

Safely share, store, and access even your largest of digital files, whether you’re in the office, at home, or travelling.   

Powered by, Secure Cloud’s user-friendly platform is the same enterprise-grade cloud storage that LPL uses across its networks. Plus, it’s managed by LPL professionals, providing you with quick and easy access to product support if and when you need it. 

With Secure Cloud, it’s easy to collaborate with your team and clients, while ensuring documents containing personally identifiable information is kept safe. 



Receive LPL's negotiated rate of $27 per user/month (Valued at $47 per month)

Bonus Feature:

Receive Box Shield at no additional charge (a $22 value). Secure Cloud with Box Shield works for you to:

  • Automatically classify sensitive data
  • Prevent data leaks without sacrificing productivity
  • Protect against advanced malware attacks in real-time


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 Pro || Mac / Apple Computers
  • Compatible with: Computers, Tablets, Smartphones*

*All devices with Box access must adhere to the Branch Office Security Policy 

Secure Cloud

Key Features

Unlimited cloud storage

• Store individual documents up to 150GB

• No account size or data storage limits

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Compliance focused

Follows FINRA guidance on online document storage safety and compliance

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Ease of use

• Uses Single Sign On (SSO) through ClientWorks so you don’t have to maintain separate credentials

• Access your files from any secure device, anytime

• Easily share documents within and outside your network

• File request, secure client document upload portal

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Prevents data loss

• Enterprise-grade artificial intelligence driven security software continually scans documents when uploaded, being worked on and shared out

• If you need to restore a previous version, Secure Cloud keeps up to 100 versions per document

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Because you’re using through LPL’s Secure Cloud, you qualify for the maximum file size for enterprise-level accounts – 150GB. Rest assured that even your largest files can be uploaded for easy storage and sharing. 

Your Secure Cloud experience is managed by a team of full-time LPL employees who are subject matter experts and dedicated to serving you as a LPL financial professional. You’ll have easy access to product support if and when you need it.

Yes. You and your team can easily and safely share files within your network, as well as share files with clients outside your network. The user-friendly interface allows you set permissions for access as well as monitor file activity and downloads.

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