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Capitalize on the scale and expertise of LPL to provide you with enterprise-level technology solutions to keep your business data safe and your systems compliant. Protect your business to meet the highest level of security standards required by the financial industry from cyber threats or a compliance breach. We make it possible for you to create a flexible work environment where you and your staff can safely access sensitive business files and share documents with colleagues and clients online, from anywhere. Choose from one of two options to select the right service for your business.

Secure Office

Defend against cybercrime and compliance breaches with regulatory-compliant technology

$99 per month/user

Remote Office Solution

All-in-one solution to keep your business data safe, compliant and accessible for colleagues and clients to work remotely

$124 per month/user

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Features & Benefits Comparison:


    per month/user


    per month/user


  • Cybersecurity Protection Software Top industry technology to identify, remediate, and remove threats from your devices

  • Cyber Threat Protection Team Cyber experts identify new attacks and vulnerabilities in real time to keep your devices current

  • 24/7 Incident Response Team Incident responders triage threats before you experience an issue

  • Real Time Updates and Security Patches Critical software updates and security hot-fixes installed automatically

  • Secure Web Gateway Stops malware & phishing schemes in their tracks

  • Cloud-based Computer Back-up Safeguards your devices against data-loss

  • Auto-VPN Security Allows you to login to a secure, encrypted VPN network from a public wifi network.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance Added value Insurance for out-of-pocket expenses related to a cybersecurity attack.


  • 24/7 Compliance Agent Monitoring Specialized software monitors compliance settings to identify and automatically resolve potential issues to keep your devices compliant


  • Remote Access to Your Files Work securely in the cloud with remote colleagues and clients

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage No limits to how much business data you can store

  • Secure & Compliant Storage Meets compliance regulation standards

  • Data Migration migrate your business data for you

  • Secure Portal Access Makes it simple for employees to share files with clients

  • Employee Collaboration Collaborate on the same document at the same time while preserving previous versions

  • Cloud System Maintenance Replaces the need to maintain or replace local servers and in office equipment every 4 to 6 years

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“Digital Office is wonderful! Another ease of doing business initiative that gets an A+.”

Bryan Mise, CRPC®, CKA®
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